Why choose GXP antennas?

What distinguishes us from many manufacturers is:
– over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of antennas supported by comprehensive tests and field trials on the real masts with the use of the modern measuring equipment
– GXP brand and quality of products recognized by many users around the world
– with the antenna set, we supply additional elements such as balun and support masts for attaching the guy ropes – things usually not added by the other manufacturers
– our antennas can withstand the wind speed of 135-140 km/h
– we provide fully comprehensive and professional information and advice

The material from which individual components we make is one of the most significant factors.
A particular emphasis is placed on the behavior of antenna structural elements under the stress of the strong wind and during winter icing.
To meet these requirements, we use the aluminum alloy AL6065-T6, used by the aviation industry and produced by the best Polish and foreign producers.
The technology of aluminum pipe diameter reduction we use allows us to freely compose the change of diameter of the subsequent pipes in the elements, as a result, it significantly reduces the weight of both the antenna element and a whole antenna. The taper antenna elements are more flexible during heavy wind blows. In addition, it reduces the load on the rotor.
One of the advantages of our multi-band antennas is the possibility of mounting them to the max.80 cm side of the lattice mast (truss). It also facilitates mounting on the mast lift (trolley).
The hardware connected the boom with the mast rotating pipe is made to match the future user requirements.
For the side-trussing antennas, we make a mounting bracket, two mounting plates according to the requirements of the future user, a plate for the support mast fixing. These items are part of the antenna kit for no extra charge.


A boom for the small antenna is made of a tube with an outer diameter of 60mm and a 2mm wall thickness. For large antennas, a tube with an outer diameter of 70 mm and a 2.5 mm wall thickness is used.
The alloy AL6065-T6 used for its construction allows building boom up to 15 meters long.
The boom elements, like the antenna elements, have a smaller diameter (are narrowed) on one side. Installation is done by inserting one tube into the other and secure it with the screws.

Support masts.

In the case of the long booms and long antenna elements, we use supporting masts for guy ropes. It helps assembling the antenna at the ground level and appropriate leveling of both the boom and antenna elements before mounting them on the mast.

Elements fastening

Plates and specially designed saddle clamps made of aluminum, and stainless increased strength steel bows (U-bolts), are used to fix the elements to the boom.


All coils are machine wounded to ensure the repeatability of parameters of the inductive elements.
A screw with a specially profiled washer increases the electrical contact area between the coil and the antenna element. The insulator inside the coil is made of UV-resistant glass fiber pipe, very stiff under the strong wind with excellent insulating properties. For the 80 meters band, the coils are wound on carcasses and suspended under the antenna elements.


The current baluns are made of the highest quality cores and wound with a Teflon insulator coaxial cable thanks to which they can handle high power. As a standard, each antenna set is supplied with a 2kW rate balun, optionally up to 4kW but an extra charge applies.

To avoid any misunderstandings, be informed that:

– the delivered set includes only elements mounted on the boom, the hardware connecting the boom with the mast rotating pipe, supporting masts, antenna elements, and elements that serve to attach and tighten the supporting ropes
– only UV-resistant nylon ropes (not steel ones) MUST be used as guys for boom and antenna elements
– using the support masts included in the set, there is no need to use tensioning „roman screw” when assembling the antenna on the ground. You may do it by appropriately tightening and securing the supporting rope.
– guy ropes, „roman screw” and accompanying connecting elements are not included in the antenna set, similarly to the other antenna manufacturers. The costs associated with shipping an additional package with these elements exceed its value. Users may purchase these items in the local market.