Vertical antenna GP-7

Type of antenna GP-7
Bands [MHz] 7,10,14,18,21,24,28 plus 50
Electrical lenght [Lambda] 1/2
Max gain [dB] 3
Bandwidth for VSWR 1,5:1
Max gain [dB] 3
Max power SSB/CW/RTTY [Watts] 1000/500/400
Emission vertical radius [deg] 16
Emission horizontal radius [deg] 360
Band change Auto
Minimal antenna height over the building (roof): 2,8
Minimal antenna height in (open space) over the ground: 4,5
Elastic steel radials, each 1,26 m [pieces] 7
Length [m] 7,10
Material 60 05AT6
Weight [kg] 8,5

Antenna beam does not require guy wires for wind.

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