Antenna BEAM GXP-7 (7 elements 5 bands)

Resonance frequency: 28, 21, 14 MHz
Frequency: 24, 18 MHz Logoperiodic
Number of elements per band:
- 28MHz: 3 elements plus structure
- 21MHz: 3 elements plus structure
- 14MHz: 3 elements plus structure
- 24MHz: structure
- 18MHz: structure
(Structure includes 4 elements: dipol 14MHz, dipol 21MHz, Reflector + dipol 28MHz)
Maximal gain for:
- 14MHz: 8,6 dBd
- 18MHz: 6,8 dBd
- 21MHz: 9,0 dBd
- 24MHz: 6,8 dBd
- 28MHz: 9,3 dBd
Front to back ratio:
- 28MHz, 21MHz, 14MHz: 30dB
- 24MHz: 15dB
- 18MHz: 10dB
Bandwidth 1,5:1:
- 28MHz: 600 KHz
- 21MHz: 350 KHz
- 14MHz: 350 KHz
- 24 MHz non resonanse band, higher SWR
- 18 MHz non resonanse band, higher SWR
Boom lenght: 5,2m
Longest element: 11,33m
Turning radius: 6,09m
Minimal antenna height over the building (roof)]: 7m
Minimal antenna height in (open space) over the ground: 12m
The clamb diameter for boom - mast bracket: 50mm or 60mm
Weight: 27kg

You can add 1 element for which you need to do a separate power supply. It will then worked as a rotary dipole and here we choose the following frequencies: 10, 7, 3.5, 3.8 MHz. When chose Dipol version 10 and 7 MHz are your short and long, about which versions can hang determines the height of the mast, on which is the basic antenna installed.

Bands 18 and 24 MHz in the antenna GXP-7 are separated in this logoperiodic with increased SWR, which can be compensate for the length of the feeder.

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